CID presses charges against model Piyasha’s associate Mishu

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has filed accusations against Sharful Hasan, also known as Mishu Hasan, who is a close friend of the model and former TV presenter Faria Mahbub Piyasha in an arms-related case brought to Bhatara Police Station.

CID Inspector and investigator of the investigation officer, Mohammad Rahat Khan, has submitted the charge document in the chief Metropolitan Magistrate's court in Dhaka which lists 12 individuals as witnesses for the prosecution.

The previous day, on the 3rd of August Rab earlier on August 3, Rab Mishu as well as Masudul Hasan, alias Jisan and another associate of Piyasha who is from The city's Bashundhara residential neighborhood.

Then, Rab recovered a firearm as well as 1,600 yaba pills an expensive Ferrari car and fake Indian currency, and some CDs of pornography that they had in their possession.

After the incident, Rab filed five cases against them. Of them, four of them were filed with Bhatara and one against Khilkhet police stations, under the Arms Act, Narcotics Control Act, Special Powers Act and Pornography Act.

Mishu was sued in three instances brought by Bhatara Police Station provisions of the Arms Act, Narcotics Control Act and Pornography Act while Jisan was in court with Bhatara as well as Khilkhet police stations in accordance with the Narcotics Control Act, Special Powers Act and Pornography Act.

He was put on remand for nine days in the case, while Jisan was put under seven day remand.


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